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Tue, October 23, 2018

The NCHC Provides World Class Storage Services2009/02/01

Recent years have seen rapid developments in large-scale scientific research and Grid platforms. With these developments also came massive amounts of research data. Internationally, organizations pushed for the integration of computing, storage, and networking facilities. The NCHC is the foundation of Taiwan's information infrastructure and provides a stable and reliable computing environment. The following is an introduction to the storage-based services we provide and the direction we will be heading in the future.

Our Primary Mission: To Support Scientific Research

The NCHC is Taiwan's only national-level HPC laboratory. Our core mission is to provide HPC-related services, including storage services, to Taiwan's research communities. Storing the vast amount of data generated by more than 700 national projects is one of our primary responsibilities. Research in areas such as earthquakes, meteorology, and energy demand storage requirements that only the NCHC is able to provide.

Our Storage Goal: A Shared Knowledge Database

The NCHC has three international-standard Business Units located in north, central, and southern Taiwan. The TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN) provides a fast and continuous connection between the three facilities. Governmental and research institutions alike have come to rely upon TWAREN's connection to other international networks.

Taiwan's National Science Council's Humanities & Social Sciences Research Resources will be headquartered at the NCHC. The Resource contains over 360,000 digital classics and 38 million articles. Other databases stored at the NCHC include the Geographic Information Database, the 3D Bio FlyCircuit Image Database, and the National Oceanic Database. The NCHC has become Taiwan's de facto storage site and its data-store will eventually be accessible to the international community.

Our Storage Capacity

The NCHC's storage capacity totals 370 TB of hard disk space and 1.55 PB of magnetic tape space. Data is backed-up to all three NCHC Business Units automatically. All three NCHC facilities meet international security standards and are earthquake and fire resistant. They are also monitored 365x24x7. Currently, the Hsinchu and Tainan Business Units monitor and mirror each other's data. Recently, the NCHC added VPLS VPN to encrypt the data during transmission. Periodic disaster handling drills are carried out to ensure complete data recovery.

Our Certified Storage Services

Taiwan's Ministry of Education recently imposed a requirement that digital files from educational and medical institutes must be backed up to an offsite storage facility. The facility itself must also be ISO27001 compliant. The NCHC received its ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification in 2005 and ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management certification in June 2006. These certifications remain current and stand as a testament to our dedication to Information Security.

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