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Mon, October 22, 2018

HPC Asia & APAN 2009! Get Ready! Get Set! Go!2009/02/03

HPC Asia is the most anticipated international conference for Asia’s HPC and networking communities. Held every 18 months, its mission is to promote advanced research in HPC and networking technologies in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific Advanced Networks (APAN) is an advanced research networking organization based in the Asia Pacific region. Its mission is to provide an advanced network research environment for researchers and promote international collaboration in networking-related technologies.

After a long hiatus, the NCHC has been lucky enough to host the HPC Asia conference for 2009. The last time the NCHC hosted the conference was in 1995. The NCHC also worked hard to obtain the hosting rights for the 27th APAN 2009 conference. The combined conferences will bring great benefits to Taiwan's information, technology, education, and economic development. These conferences will also facilitate greater collaboration among global HPC communities and push Taiwan into the global information and technology era.

HPC Asia & APAN 2009 will begin on March 2nd in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Everyone is welcome! Please register online. The Early Bird registration discount has been extended to February 10th.

HPC Asia: http://event.nchc.org.tw/2009/hpcasia/
APAN: http://www.apan.net/meetings/kaohsiung2009/

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