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Tue, October 23, 2018

Tux2live Wins Big at the 6th Annual Linux Golden Penguin Awards Competition2008/07/17

The largest annual Linux competition in Taiwan, the "Linux Golden Penguin Award," has announced this year’s winners and the Tux2live software, developed by The National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), won first place under the Research Innovation category (complete winners list at http://taiwan-linux.tca.org.tw/news1.php?id=24). Tux2live is a toolkit used to package and create the Linux Live environment from the one on the hard disk. The Linux Live system (i.e. Live CD and Live USB) is easy to use and fully customizable. Using a modified Linux system on a hard drive, be it a personal environment or a customized server, the toolkit can be used to easily package the system to a portable live environment.

Tux2live toolkit's advantage is its compatibility with many different GNU/Linux distributions commonly used. In the past, incompatibility issues caused users many headaches when trying to assemble a GNU/Linux Live system. Utilizing the user's own customized settings as a starting point, Tux2live allows for a greater understanding of what is inside the customized software. The Tux2live toolkit also provides easy to use tools to customize the GNU/Linux Live environment. Users can finish complex packaging jobs using simple commands, thereby expanding the user base of open source/free software to less technically savvy users.

Tux2live enables greater promotion of open source/free software as well. The packaged live environment can be easily and conveniently ported to the student’s home computer, thus making their home computing environment identical to their school computing environment. Both knowledge and software can now follow the student. As an example, Hualien County used Tux2live to package its educational software and distribute it among its elementary and junior high classes. The software can be downloaded by anyone and can be used by other educational purposes as well. The “free” price tag that comes with open source/free software has the potential to save Taiwan's schools and governmental institutions large amounts of money in software licensing fees. In the personal PC and industrial sectors, Tux2live has been used to package small servers and as an emergency rescue tool.

The Linux Golden Penguin Award, sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, highlights outstanding developers, applications, and innovative technologies related to the Linux operating system. The goal of this competition is to promote research in and the wider use of the Linux operating system. Following the success the NCHC had with the Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) and Clonezilla open source/free software programs, the Tux2live award received this year continues to validate the NCHC’s efforts in open source/free software development.

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