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Tue, October 23, 2018

The NCHC and the Czech Republic Join Forces2008/06/23

Earlier this month, the NCHC’s Director, Dr. Eugene Yeh, led a team of NCHC researchers to the 23rd Open Grid Forum (OGF23) in Barcelona, Spain.

Director Yeh and the NCHC team also took this opportunity to visit the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and the Czech Education and Scientific Network (CESNET) where they shared experiences in HPC and Grid computing development.

During the visit, the BSC shared its experience in the building of its 100TF supercomputer "MareNostrum." This was particularly beneficial to the

NCHC in that the NCHC is currently planning the installation of its own next-generation supercomputer. Also during the visit, the NCHC and the BSC agreed to collaborate in the area of Grid middleware development. The two institutes plan to co-develop a meta-scheduler within the Grid environment.

In depth discussions were held between the NCHC, the Czech Republic’s Minister of Technology, and the Director of CESNET regarding the future direction of the Czech Republic’s cyber infrastructure development. Given its strong background in cyber infrastructure development, the NCHC was able to offer several much-appreciated recommendations.

As a result of this meeting, the NCHC hopes to establish a long-term relationship with the Czech Republic and assist them in their own cyber infrastructure development effort.

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