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Mon, October 22, 2018

NCHC’s DRBL Wins First Place in “Public Sector Applications” Category at the Libre Software Meeting in France2008/02/22

The Open Source-based Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) software, developed by the National Applied Research Laboratory’s (NARL) National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), received accolades from the international Open Source community by winning the first place trophy at the “Trophees du Libre,” an Open Source software competition held in France. This honor served to showcase Taiwan’s technological capability and impressed the international Open Source community with its contribution to the Open Source software development movement.

The Trophees du Libre, sponsored by France’s Cetril Association, is one of the largest international Open Source software competitions around. This year, there were 167 submissions from over 20 different countries. Also, this year’s contest was judged by an international panel of professional judges representing 12 different countries. The DRBL software developed by NCHC won first place in the competition based on its overall contribution to society and the creativity involved in its development.

On the technical side, DRBL allows for the control of a large number of Linux-based computers using a single server. DRBL is not a basic Open Source-based software, rather, it is a multi-function software that is able to integrate and manage varying operating systems. DRBL contributes to society by saving government’s education sectors millions of dollars in computer management costs. DRBL won first place in the “Public Sector Applications” category, in part, because it introduced Open Source software to elementary and secondary educational institutions for the first time.

Clonezilla, another Open Source software developed at the NCHC, is used for rapid data back up and recovery. Since 2003, DRBL and Clonezilla have won over many users from both industry and individual users alike. By July 2007, DRBL and Clonezilla had been downloaded more than 40,000 times. Due to their growth and popularity, by December of the same year, the two programs had been downloaded more than 90,000 times--a marked increase in just four short months!

Because DRBL and Clonezilla have become so popular among the Open Source community, its development team has been invited to many international exhibitions and workshops in countries including France, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Via DRBL and Clonezilla, the NCHC has successfully capitalized on its core HPC technology and will continue to further the spirit of Open Source software development. Open Source-based software will continue to benefit the global society with its value being realized in many sectors.

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English: http://drbl.sourceforge.net/

NCHC researcher Mr. Steven Shiau demo DRBL
NCHC researcher Mr. Steven Shiau demo DRBL

DRBL team
DRBL team in NCHC

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