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Tue, October 23, 2018

Trend Micro and NARLabs Join Hands in Building “T-Brain,” a Machine Learning Platform for Smarter Computing, in Hopes of Accelerating AI Technology Development and Cultivating Technology Talent in Tai2017/04/11

As global development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has stepped up its pace in 2017, Taiwan faces the urgent issue of talent cultivation to enhance the high-tech industry’s competitiveness. Trend Micro, a global leader in providing network security solutions, has joined hands with the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) and jointly launched the “Trend Micro Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Project” to accelerate talent cultivation in the field of AI. Today was the launch of “T-brain,” a machine learning (ML) platform for smarter computing that aims to create a virtuous ecosystem for AI and ML.

Trend Micro and NARLabs Jointly Invest in ML Talent Cultivation and National Scientific Research Capabilities

Bob Hung, General Manager of Trend Micro Taiwan and Hong Kong, mentioned that “In response to rapid technological developments and demand on talent development, Trend Micro has implemented a number of talent cultivation projects, and began cultivating cloud security talent seven years ago. We then expanded our cloud research and called on industry and academia to join in big data analysis. Now we are even more actively conducting research and cultivating talent in the field of AI, in hopes of accelerating the output of ML research results by young scholars in Taiwan, so that Taiwan’s software talent will always have a place in future technological developments and innovations in the industry.”

Wang Yeong-Her, President of NARLabs, also indicated “In light of the rapid development in AI technology and applications, NARLabs and Trend Micro jointly implemented the Trend Micro Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Project, and joined hands in building ‘T-brain,’ a ML platform for smarter computing. The platform integrates resources of industry, government, academia, and research institutes to provide a friendly environment for developing ML. The platform will thus enhance national scientific research capabilities, as well as the international competitiveness of domestic AI/ML talent.”

“T-brain” Brings Together Datasets, Scrips, and Community, Nurturing a Virtuous Ecosystem for ML

ML has become an indispensable tool for data analysis in recent years, and is also an important foundation for research on AI. The three keys to developing ML are datasets, e.g. databases provided by government agencies or enterprises; scripts, which are good program models and computing methods that enable machines to make better decisions and predictions; and finally community, an exchange platform for group wisdom and will spark creative thinking.

“Academia has always hoped to obtain the massive amounts of data of industry generated in the real world, and utilize the data to develop innovative applications” said Professor Lee Yuh-Jye of the Department of Applied Mathematics of National Chiao Tung University: “T-brain provides a friendly environment for developing ML, and I believe that it will make research more focused on industrial trends, while letting students fully utilize their expertise in the industry, forming a virtuous cycle.”

Terrence Chou, deputy General Manager of R&D of Trend Micro Taiwan, General Manager of the “Trend Micro Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Project,” said “We look forward to more exchange between academia and industry that will spark more innovative applications of AL/ML. T-brain is a smart computing platform that brings together datasets, scripts, and community. It provides members of academia with access to all of its resources, and allows them to upload research data or scripts they designed by themselves. Development and computing on the platform will validate even more datasets and program models. Trend Micro has successfully commercialized ML technology in the field of information security in recent years, and took the initiative of providing malware analysis and spam detection datasets, which it accumulated around the world over the years, on T-brain. College students and research teams may gain access to the datasets after applying. This will inject new energy into academic research and help create actual value via real world applications.”

T-brain is currently planned for academic research, may be accessed free of charge by academic institutes that have membership with the NCHC, or college teachers and students that apply for big data analysis services of the NCHC. Members of industry who are interested in AI and ML and want additional information are welcome to contact T_brain@trend.com.tw. 

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