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Tue, October 23, 2018

Report on the 8th ACCTA Conference2014/04/02

The Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA), organized by the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), is an important exchange platform for cloud computing technologies and applications in Taiwan. The 8th ACCTA Conference was held at the NCHC’s Hsinchu headquarters on March 28th, 2014, the focus of which was on Big Data. During the conference, a number of important issues were discussed including Software Defined Parameters (SDP) of cloud platforms, the current status of the industry’s supply chain, and database design and applications. A total of about 80 participants from industry, academia, and research attended the conference to share new knowledge and exchange ideas.

In his welcome speech, the NCHC’s Director General Ce-Kuen Shieh stated that the NCHC has constructed a Big Data processing platform with the goal of satisfying the domestic demands of industry, government, academia, and research institutes. He went saying that the NCHC has established Big Databases for important applications such as disaster response, the fruit fly brain neuron project, and the malware knowledge base. Director General Shieh continued saying that, under the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL), the NCHC will continue to integrate scientific data into a shared geo-science knowledge platform that will assist experts in their research and provide a reference point for decision-makers within the Taiwanese government.

Six industry leaders were invited to speak at the conference sessions. They were Dr. Yun Wang of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai of the NCHC, Professor Shih-Wei Liao of National Taiwan University’s (NTU) Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Intel’s Product Marketing Manager, Ross Tsai, SYSTEX Corporation’s Product Development Manager, Yao-Tsung Wang, and is-land Systems Inc.’s Director of Development, Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang. The conference’s session chairs included General Manager Hsien-Chih Li of Infowrap Technology Inc., Division Director Fang-Pang Lin of the NCHC, Chief Hsiao-Ti Hu of AsusTek Computer Inc., Professor Kuo-Chan Huang of National Taichung University of Education, and Hung-Chi Chen, Special Assistant to the President of Coretech System Co.

the photo of Dr Yun Wang
■ Dr. Yun Wang of ITRI

ITRI’s Dr. Yun Wang introduced the current status and trends of the international Big Data industry during the first session titled “Big Data: An Industrial Perspective.”

the photo of Mr. Yi-Lang Tsai
■ Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai of NCHC

Under the theme “Software Defined Parameter (SDP) of Cloud Service Platforms,” the NCHC’s Associate Researcher Yi-Lang Tsai analyzed how to adopt the SDP framework using existing resources under the framework of different cloud services, while further enhancing cloud service platform and data security.

the photo of Professor Liao
■ Professor Shih-Wei Liao of NTU

In the third session, NTU’s Professor Shih-Wei Liao introduced methods for sharing Big Data in social networks and the smart phone App – omlet that provides a faster and more convenient way for sharing Big Data in social networks.

the photo of Mr. Ross Tsai the photo of Vishwas Tengse
■ Left: Mr. Ross Tsai of Intel
■ Right: Mr. Vishwas Tengse

In the fourth session, Intel’s Ross Tsai and Solution Architect manager Vishwas Tengse introduced the technology of HPC network and solutions.

the photo of Mr. Yao-Tsung Wang
■ Mr. Yao-Tsung Wang of SYSTEX

Next, Mr. Yao-Tsung Wang, Manager at SYSTEX Corporation, explained that cloud software developers should form alliances in order to gather together human resources as well as to reduce repeated investments.

the photo of Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang
■ Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang of is-land Systems

During the final session, is-land Systems Inc.’s Director of Development, Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang, used actual cases to explain the importance of Big Database integration.

During the 8th ACCTA Conference, participants engaged in enthusiastic discussions and expressed a desire to continue such discussions even after the conference had ended. In the future, the NCHC will continue to organize major conferences in Taiwan and overseas, thus creating a platform for industry, academia, and research institutes to exchange experience and technologies while, at the same time, creating new cooperation and application opportunities.

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