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Tue, October 23, 2018

Taiwan and Japan Joint Advanced Networking Workshop on IPv6 2006/10/26

Taiwan and Japan Joint Advanced Networking Workshop on IPv6
November 23th ~25th, 2006 @ NCHC, Taiwan

IPv6 is going to be the key technology to Next-Generation Internet. Tremendous resources have been invested in both IPv6 research and development region. NCHC (National Center for High–Performance Computing, NCHC) is in charge of design, implementation, and maintenance of "Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN)", which is the national academic network backbone in Taiwan. In addition, NCHC takes an active role in "National IPv6 Deployment and Development Program". ITC (Information Technology Center, ITC)maintains the supercomputing, digital library and network services in The University of Tokyo. There are several network-related research programs such as IPv6 Promotion Council Working Groups. As NCHC and ITC of The University of Tokyo are both network research institutes, we hope to exchange our experiences from this conference. Furthermore, network experts and researchers are invited for discussion and collaborations between JP and TW could be made through this event. The conference will aim at IPv6-related topics and the discussed issues are listed as follows:

˙exchange the status of IPv6 promotion in TW and JP
˙what are the current technical bottlenecks and how they are serious
˙what are the necessary steps to break the bottlenecks
˙how the academia can convince the industry of the importance of IPv6

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