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Tue, October 23, 2018

Ezilla Used To Build a 1,000-person Classroom On the Cloud 2012/12/19

On December 18th, 2012, the National Applied Research Laboratory's (NARL) National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), and Inventec Corporation jointly unveiled the NCTU's Software Defined Network-based Cloud Datacenter Testbed. Dr. Wei-Cheng Huang, project leader and NCHC representative, along with Vice President Yi-Bing Lin of NCTU, and Mr. Shih-Chin Li, Chairman of the Board at Inventec Corporation, jointly chaired the event. The opening of the datacenter signified that the university can now offer a cloud-based virtual classroom capable of accommodating more than 1,000 students concurrently and in so doing, advancing information education to one without limitations of space and time.

the group photo of representatives from NCHC, NCTU, and Inventec Corporation
NCHC representative Dr. Wei-Cheng Huang, Vice President Yi-Bing Lin of NCTU, and Mr. Shih-Chin Li, Chairman of the Board at Inventec Corporation jointly chaire the event.

At the core application layer of the cloud classroom is the NCHC-developed Ezilla. Ezilla's superior functionality, high deployment flexibility, and reliability enables the 70 cloud servers, donated by Inventec Corporation, and the OpenFlow Switch, developed by NCTU, to churn out a virtual computer every 1.8 seconds until reaching the goal of 1,000 concurrent users! Under National Science Council (NSC) granted project, "R&D and Practical Application of Middleware for Cloud Communications," the NCHC's Ezilla development team worked tirelessly to assist the university in integrating the cloud infrastructure. The team fully delivered the final all-in-one product that includes storage, networking, and computing services. It runs within a dedicated cloud environment capable of providing a virtual classroom containing 490 - 2,000 virtual computers wherein a thousand people can do research and teaching simultaneously!

the photo of Ezilla development team
The NCHC Ezilla development team

With the assistance of the Ezlilla-constructed EasyCloud, computer-based learning is free from the constraints of traditional computer classrooms. EasyCloud possesses four distinct "savings"--time, money, electricity, and space--and six "highs"--stability, expandability, continuity, usability, degree of choices, and controllability. Using the EasyCloud platform, teachers are able to maintain their own individual teaching environments within cloud-based computer classrooms. Additionally, IT personnel do not have to concern themselves with software versions or conflicts among the demands of different courses. This, in turn, greatly boosts the managerial efficiency of the teaching resources.

In the cloud computing era, endless opportunities are in the hands of innovators. With the NCHC’s solid soft power, a new and more convenient teaching environment has been created, and inflexible physical PC classrooms have advanced to the level of creative cloud PC classrooms. Students can now learn new knowledge and techniques in this faster and more convenient environment. This project will continue to make great contributions to the future development of cloud technology in Taiwan!

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