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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NCHC Exhibits at SC122012/11/20

SC12, the international conference for High Performance Computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis (a.k.a. SCXX) and the premier annual supercomputing event, was held from November 12th to 16th, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), SC12 offered researchers and experts a great opportunity to gather for technical discussions, training, and demonstrations of the latest R&D results and products in HPC, networking, and storage. The NCHC hosted a booth at SC12 in which it showcased its latest development projects and services, including interactive HPC, Taiwan Malware Analysis Net ( TWMAN), and Render Farm. The NCHC also hosted technical discussions with the goal of promoting new international collaborations.

About SC12
Held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, SC12 attracted 363 academic research organizations and supercomputer vendors to showcase their R&D results and new products in HPC, networking, and storage. More than 10,000 scholars and experts attended this conference. Through HPC technologies, SC12 facilitated the interacting and connecting among the world’s HPC experts. The SC12 organizers specially invited scholars and experts from academia and industry to discuss future developments in physics, HPC applications to improve human life, exascale calculation technologies, the process and experience of building the world’s top supercomputer -- Titan, and so on. Furthermore, the conference also provided participants with 35 education programs and 24 invited speakers.

The NCHC’s Demonstrations Garner Much Attention
This year, the NCHC team provided on-demand demonstrations and exchanged technologies with visitors on its latest R&D results including interactive HPC, Taiwan Malware Analysis Net (TWMAN), and Render Farm. Furthermore, using posters and DMs, the NCHC displayed the R&D achievements on its cloud-based middleware such as Ezilla, Haduzilla, and Crawlzilla, the Disaster Prevention Data Platform, Fish4Knowledge, a research project of the European Union, and other science and engineering applications such as the Material Database Platform, techniques for managing and monitoring future networks, and eco-monitoring technologies. The demonstrations attracted many international researchers and representatives and the NCHC’s cooperative partners who visited the booth to discuss and exchange related technologies.

Based on its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies demonstrated at SC11, the NCHC team advanced the technology from 2D real-time computing to 3D real-time calculation for this year’s exhibition. At the NCHC booth, visitors saw the simulated images of airflow changes around a sports car model on the screen. Also, visitors were able to draw an object on a white sheet of paper, and 2D images of the air flow changes around the drawing would then be displayed on the screen in real-time. This demonstration attracted many researchers and visitors generated much enthusiastic discussion.

For SC12, the NCHC's Taiwan Malware Analysis Net (TWMAN) incorporated Google Maps global positioning in order to display malware results and attack behavior analysis. TWMAN allowed its users to view the attack frequency of a specific area during a one month span. Each attack location was also traced to a specific IP address. TWMAN amazed many visitors when they saw their own countries densely marked with attack symbols.

In order to introduce the booth visitors to Taiwan’s first render farm, the NCHC also played the award-winning films from its "HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge." The render farm is a 3D animation rendering platform established and developed by the NCHC using the NCHC's self-built Formosa cluster supercomputers. The lively and engrossing animated films from the HPC Kung Fu competition attracted many visitors.

the photo of the iHPC demonstration
■ Interactive real-time calculation simulations for air flow changes around a vehicle

the photo of the TWMAN demonstration

the photo of Render Farm demonstration
■ Attendees watching the HPC competition animation show

During the exhibition, many international research organizations visited the NCHC booth including NASA, RIKEN Center of Japan, the Centre of High-Performance Computing of South Africa, iCAIR of Northwestern University, the United States research network Internet 2, and the technical team of Fujizu. Furthermore, the NCHC co-implemented the SCinet Research Sandbox Project (SRS Project) with iCAIR, SARA, the California Institute of Technology/CERN, and Taiwan’s University of Applied Sciences and National Cheng-Kung University. The SRS Project demonstrates a brand-new technology of topology and flows auto-discovery on a transcontinental, multi-domain OpenFlow testbed, which connects the TWAREN Future Internet Testbed in Taiwan with iGENI in the U.S.

Student Cluster Competition -- SCC12
For this year’s Student Cluster Competition (SCC), the Taiwanese Team consisted of students from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and was represented in and sponsored by the NCHC, Quanta Computers, and NVIDIA. Though the team failed to defend its championship title from last year, it is eligible to attend the Student Cluster Competition to be held in Leipzig, Germany, June, 2013, at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC). The SCC12 competition involved cluster construction, performance adjusting, and running scientific applications that included classical molecular dynamics: LAMMPS, quantum dynamics: QMCPACK, climate modeling: CAM, and reactive flow modeling: PFLOTRAN. After a 48-hour non-stop computing and problem-solving stretch, the team from the University of Texas at Austin won the championship.

the photo of the representative team
■ The National Tsing Hua University team represented Taiwan in SCC12

The SC12 Conference successfully concluded with technical programs and splendid speeches meticulously planned by the conference organizers, demonstrations of the world’s latest R&D results and high-performance products, and technology and experience exchanges among experts and scholars. SC13 will be held in Denver, Colorado, where the NCHC will present its latest research achievements to promote more technology exchange and international cooperation.

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