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Tue, October 23, 2018

The NCHC's Director Kuo-Ning Chiang Elected as Fellow Member of IEEE2012/11/13

On November 12th, 2012, the NCHC's Director Kuo-Ning Chiang was elected an IEEE fellow in the 2013 election cycle. Director Chiang had been a senior member of IEEE and the editor-in-chief and the deputy editor-in-chief of many professional and academic journals at IEEE. He is the first person from Taiwan to have achieved fellow membership in both the IEEE and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Established in 1963, IEEE currently has 400,000 members. IEEE is the largest and most authoritative international organization for computing engineering, biomedical technologies, and telecommunications. A fellow is the highest grade of membership in IEEE. According to IEEE’s bylaws, the number of new fellows elected in a year may not exceed one millesimal of the number of qualified members. In the election for 2013, only 298 people were awarded with the fellow designation globally.

IEEE fellows not only have high achievement in publishing professional academic papers, but also contribute significantly to overall academic research, community service, and technology promotion. Director Chiang’s winning the election is indicative of the international recognition of his personal academic contributions as well as his outstanding capabilities in leadership, collaboration, and communication. We expect that the NCHC, following Director Chiang’s lead, will have better achievements in the R&D and innovation of technological applications.

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