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Tue, October 23, 2018

The First Annual "HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge" Comes to a Successful Close!2012/07/13

The Render Farm, established by National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) under the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL), has successfully helped Taiwan’s movie industry with the production of numerous high quality films. The NCHC organized the first annual “HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge" in an effort to further accelerate the popularization of Render Farm, cultivate the next generation of interdisciplinary talent, and to inject new energy into Taiwan’s rendering technology.

The competition attracted a total of 55 teams from 44 schools, all located within Taiwan. The finals were held at the NCHC’s Hsinchu headquarters on July 10th, 2012, after completing the first and second rounds which lasted a total of eleven-months! In the end, National Taiwan University of Arts “Battle of Super Power” was named the champion! Tainan University of Technology’s “Hu Hu” and Shih Hsin University’s “Horror Saw” placed second and third respectively. The “Special Technology Award,” set up to encourage special effects, was won by “Battle of Super Power,” “Horror Saw,” and National Chiao Tung University’s “Jelly Crazy City.”

On the day the finals were held, the eight finalist teams prepared elaborately designed publicity materials to be given out at their exhibition booths including souvenir cards, brochures, and posters. This was done in an effort to make their animations even more appealing to the audience. Clips from movies produced on the NCHC’s Render Farm such as “Ripples of Desire,” “Hatching,” and “Cats from the Planet Tai Chi” were also showcased. This served to make the event even more exciting!

the photo of NARL's president Chen
■ The NARL's President Liang-Gee Chen

the photo of president Chen and the champion
■President Liang-Gee Chen awarding first prize

During his speech, President Liang-Gee Chen of the NARL voiced his hope that the contestants would be able to live their dreams through the competition. He also said that he hoped they would take their dreams into their future workplaces so that Taiwan’s industrial sector would be filled with energy and creativity! At the end of his speech, President Liang-Gee Chen reiterated that the NARL would continue to pursue excellence and share even better results with the industrial sector in order to fulfill the dream of developing Taiwan into a "technology island." Judges of the competition pointed out that although no preceding works were referenced, the teams still created eye-catching results with exciting potential!

An industry must have a continuous flow of talent in order to succeed. Thus, the NCHC will continue to hold the “HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge” with the goal of providing a platform for communication and competition, passing down experience, and creating new stars among Taiwan's animators, who will, as a result, shine on the international stage! Additionally, the NCHC aims to enhance Taiwan’s animation technology and make its soft power known to all the world!

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