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Mon, October 22, 2018

Clonezilla Accentuates Taiwan’s Software Prowess—the NCHC and Japan's Miracle Linux Sign a Memorandum of Understanding2012/05/15

The National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) and Japan's Miracle Linux Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 15th, 2012, thus officially kicking off their collaborative effort to promote the commercial use of the NCHC's Clonezilla software. This international collaboration between a research-based organization (i.e. the NCHC) and a commercial business venture (i.e. Miracle Linux) accents the international recognition of the NCHC’s software prowess and begins a new chapter in cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.

Clonezilla, developed by the NCHC, has garnered high international visibility recently and, at the same time, has enjoyed high utilization among both domestic and international users since its release. Thus far, Clonezilla has been downloaded 5.5 million plus times by users in more than 60 countries worldwide. Many enthusiastic users have voluntarily translated the software into various languages. Clonezilla now includes versions in languages including both traditional and simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and German.

Clonezilla is also popular in Taiwan with more than 500 organizations utilizing it. The software is highly practical, widely applicable, and extremely cost effective. In particular, it has made significant contributions to Taiwan’s education sector. In 2007, Clonezilla was awarded the Science & Technology Contribution Award by Taiwan's Executive Yuan. In 2011, and then again in 2012, the internationally renowned PC Magazine named Clonezilla among the year's best software for backup and recovery. Readers of the UK-based Linux Format magazine voted Clonezilla among the top 50 application software of 2011. Also, the renowned software intelligence website, Lifthacker, chose Clonezilla as “the best disk backup and recovery application software on Linux” for 2012.

Clonezilla software is highly flexible in how it can be deployed. It has two versions, Clonezilla Live and Clonezilla Server Edition (Clonezilla SE). Clonezilla Live is well-suited for individual users in that it can be used to backup and restore a single computer without the need for a network or it having to be installed on the operating system itself. On the other hand, Clonezilla SE, used in conjunction with networking resources, is able to restore a large number of computers quickly and simultaneously. Clonezilla SE is particularly suitable for businesses or organizations with a large number of computers. Clonezilla SE's ability to quickly and easily restore many computers at once is the main reason for Japan's Miracle Linux's favorable view of the Clonezilla software and also the primary reason for their signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the NCHC.

With this international collaboration between Japan's Miracle Linux and the NCHC, both parties will strive to elevate the service quality of Clonezilla as it is offered to even more businesses, as well as establish a dedicated service community to benefit additional enterprise users. This international collaboration will also serve to commercialize and further increase in international scope of the NCHC's R&D accomplishments. It is the NCHC's goal to have more occasions to collaborate with other organizations in order to actively facilitate industrial transformation and to elevate Taiwan’s soft power.

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