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Mon, October 22, 2018

Clonezilla Was Selected as One of the Best Free Software of 2012 by PC Magazine Again!2012/04/23

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The internationally-renowned publication, PC Magazine, is in its 30th year of circulation and has some 700,000 subscribers currently. In early April this year, PC Magazine announced its list of the best free software for 2012. Clonezilla, developed by the NCHC’s Free Software Lab, made the list for the second year in a row!

This year, PC Magazine selected 273 products in 40 functional categories, and Clonezilla was one of the products chosen for the “BACKUP/SYNC” category. The judges at the magazine pointed out that, in addition to its general backup and restoration functions, Clonezilla is also “perfect for replicating a drive onto multiple PCs.” Also, within the same category, Clonezilla is one of only a few products that can operate on portable media such as CDs and USB flash drives without having to be installed on the operating system itself.

Clonezilla incorporates an extremely high degree of deployment flexibility. Clonezilla Live, free from restrictions of the network environment, can be used without installation to backup and restore a single computer, and it is suitable for individual users. On the other hand, Clonezilla Server Edition (Clonezilla SE), used in conjunction with network resources, can easily restore a large number of computers simultaneously. Superior flexibility, ease of use, and powerful functionality all contributed to the reason why Clonezilla was favored by the internationally preeminent computer magazine, PC Magazine. Additionally, Clonezilla is both free and open sourced, so users are free to use it or make improvements to it in order to maximize its usability.

This second consecutive honorable designation that Clonezilla obtained, not only demonstrates the software development strength of the NCHC, but also earns glory for software products that are made in Taiwan.

For more reports on Clonezilla, please visit: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2381533,00.asp
For more information about Clonezilla, please visit: http://clonezilla.nchc.org.tw/news/

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