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Mon, October 22, 2018

The 4th ACCTA Conference2012/03/19

The Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA) held its fourth conference on March 19th, 2012, during which invited experts from academia, research, and industry met to discuss cloud computing technologies and applications. A total of 122 attendees participated in the meeting. The event was particularly noteworthy in that it featured a speech by Professor Kai Hwang of the University of Southern California and two special-topic presentations entitled “The Accountability of Cloud Services” and “The Computing Requirement On The Financial Trading Desk” delivered by Professor Chunming Rong of University of Stavanger, Norway, and Dr. Ahmad Namini, Head of Analytics and Technology at Citibank, Hong Kong, and also the Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance at Boston University respectively.

the group photo
■ The group photo of speakers and guests in the ACCTA conference.

The NCHC's Director Kuo-Ning Chiang kicked off the event with a welcome address. In response to rapid advancements in cloud computing, he indicated that the NCHC would work more closely with government to contribute to the future development of cloud computing and software services available in Taiwan. Director Chiang also mentioned that only a small portion of cloud computing services in Taiwan are being utilized by domestic industry which is inconsistent with the global trend of about 50 percent of cloud computing resources being used by industry. He expressed his hope that, through more experts’ participation in its development, Taiwan’s cloud computing will be given an appropriate direction.

the photo of Director Chiang
■ The NCHC's Director Kuo-Ning Chiang delivers the ACCTA welcome address

Professor Kai Hwang now teaches in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC). He has served as a visiting Chief Scientist at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2008, and he is an IEEE Fellow as well. Prior to joining USC, Professor Hwang taught at Purdue University, University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, and National Taiwan University. In his talk, Professor Hwang humorously introduced the complete concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and the ecology of cloud computing. He provided examples to illustrate the role that cloud computing will play in the future structural change of IoT. Professor Hwang also shared his point of view on the effects that the future Internet and information technology might have on economic development.

the photo of Prof. Hwang
■ Professor Kai Hwang speaks on Future Internet Architecture and Cloud Ecosystems.

After Professor Hwang’s address, Professor Chunming Rong and Dr. Ahmad Namini delivered their speeches. Professor Rong presented his research on the structure of cloud computing. He pointed out that cloud data security and the way service providers handle users' data should be strictly regulated due to the high concentration of sensitive data. He compared the cloud to a community in which regulation of user behavior on the cloud should be set in order to ensure data security and privacy.

Dr. Ahmad Namini, based on his experience in the financial services industry, pointed out that changes in investment markets have resulted in a supplemental system that is able to instantaneously reflect global data on stock, futures, and exchange markets. He went on to say that this new system helps investors make transaction decisions, query historical data, and conduct analyses, and that the future development of this system will be based on cloud computing.

the photo of Prof. Rong the photo of Dr. Namini
■ Left: Professor Chunming Rong speaks on Accountability for Cloud Services.
■ Right: Professor Ahmad Namini, in his talk on Computing Requirements on the Financial Trading Desk, shares data on the demand of computing within the financial industry.

After the lunch break, three invited experts, Ms. Yu-Mei Shaw, Assistant Program Designer at the Computer and Information Networking Center, National Taiwan University (NTU), Dr. Matthew Smith of the NCHC, and Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang, Director of Development at iS-Land, delivered their speeches. Ms. Shaw shared her experience on the establishment, operation, and service of the NTU Cloud Service. Dr. Smith introduced and demonstrated how the NCHC used GPU to conduct research on instantaneous augmented reality computing. He mentioned that augmented reality is the unlimited extension of virtual and real environments and that it has great value in the development of scientific and educational applications. Finally, Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang introduced JackHare, a JDBCAPI open source project that is ANSISQL compatible and connected to noSQL database.

the photo of Ms. Shaw the photo of Dr. Smith
■ Left: Ms. Yu-Mei Shaw shares her experience in building the NTU private cloud.
■ Right: Dr. Matthew Smith uses GPU to conduct a live demonstration of instantaneous augmented reality computing.

the photo of Dr. Chiang
■ Dr. Meng-Feng Chiang introduces the iS-Land’s JackHare project.

The organizers of ACCTA wish to express their appreciation to this year's speakers for their outstanding presentations and wish to thank, in particular, Professor and Chairman Chung-Ta King, Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Mr. Wu-Ching Hung, Marketing Manager for Intel Corp., Mr. Yu-Hsiu Lan, Director of Project Marketing Division, Acer Group, Mr. Han-Chang Wu, President, Asus Cloud Corporation, Mr. Allen Peng, Strategy and Alliance Manager, Moldex3D, and Ms. Yi-Chun Tsai, Vice General President, Genesis Genetics Asia Corp., for moderating sessions and participating in the discussion.

The ACCTA hopes that the exchange of various perspectives and technical know-how during the conference will help increase the chances of success for cloud computing services. The next ACCTA conference will be held in August. We look forward to even more people joining us then!

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