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Tue, October 23, 2018

The NCHC Participates in the 2012 SEMBA & BioPro International Workshop 2012/02/24

The 2012 SEMBA & BioPro International Workshop, co-sponsored by National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and Taiwan Engineering Medicine Biology Association, was held from February 11th to 13th, 2012 at the Splendor Hotel in Taichung, Taiwan. At the conference, the NCHC showcased its latest R&D achievements including its in-house-developed Digital Image Database and image processing software. The conference included 32 technical sessions covering subjects such as medical care, engineering, and biology. Additionally, 220 papers were submitted for the conference. The venue also displayed a total of 63 R&D achievement posters that were exhibited by 9 different research, academic, and industry-based organizations.

the photo of NCHC's booth
■The NCHC booth at the 2012 SEMBA & BioPro International Workshop

In the biomedical field, the NCHC showcased its R&D results with its "Pre-Operation and Biomechanical Evaluation Planning System," "Drug Movement in the Middle Ear and Cochlea," and "Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Medical Visual Diagnosis Platform" projects. These projects are designed to assist medical care professionals in their clinical diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions as well as their pre-operation preparations. The in-house-developed "Cloud Service-3D Image Database," an image database of the Drosophila olfactory circuitry, includes more than 10,000 3D images of a single neuron and is accessible to the public for neurological research. The Image processing and analysis software developed by the NCHC, the Medical Image Illustrator (MiiL), supports all medical image formats, 4D data processing, 3D playback, and is able to handle the processing of enormous amounts of data. MiiL makes it easier for researchers to process biomedical images and conduct biomedical image research.

the scene of explanation the photo of demonstration
■Left: Explaining the Cloud Service-3D Image Database project
■Right: A demonstration of MiiL

Three papers and one poster submitted by the NCHC's scientific visualization team won honors at the conference. "Observing the Mandible Asymmetry of Cyclommatus Mniszechi by 3D Image Registration" and "Using the Neuron Navigator for Neural Connectivity Analysis" both utilize scientific visualization techniques that were used by the Department of Life Science, Tunghai University, in a study of the asymmetry of the jaws of Cyclommatus Mniszechi as related to its ability to survive in the face of environmental stresses. The Neuron Navigator (NNG) system, a joint project between the NCHC and the Brain Research Center at NTHU, is used in researching the neuron circuits of the brain. Another paper, "Animalia Plantae Phenotype Library - A Biomedical Image Library on the Web," provides a web-based platform for scientific visualization applications. Using the Internet, NNG provides its users with the tools needed for the processing and analysis of 3D biomedical images. NNG points to a solid direction for the further development of scientific visualization.

the photo of Kung-long Tsai the photo of Jia-yang Sun
■Left: Kung-long Tsai, Assistant Researcher at the NCHC, presenting a paper
■Right: Jia-yang (Morris) Sun, Assistant Researcher at the NCHC, presenting a paper

More than 300 people took part in this three-day event. Through paper publishing and presentations, the NCHC interacted and exchanged R&D ideas with many experts and scholars in the fields of biomedicine and engineering. During the exhibition, the NCHC expertly showcased its R&D capability. In particular, the MiiL image processing and analysis software garnered much attention and generated many inquiries. It is hoped that this technical exchange will lead to more collaborations and innovation developments in Taiwan's biomedical and engineering industries.

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