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Mon, October 22, 2018

The NCHC Exhibits in SC112011/12/27

SC11, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (a.k.a. SCXX) and the premier annual supercomputing event, returned to Seattle, U.S. Sponsored by IEEE and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), SC11offered researchers and experts a stage for technical discussions, education, and demonstrations of the latest R&D results and products in the high performance computing, networking, and storage. The NCHC also demonstrated its latest research outcomes, including the real-time interactive HPC using GPU and AR and Cloud middleware at SC11. We made multi-discipline technology exchanges with many countries’ research institutes, in order to promote more international cooperation.

About SC11
Held at the Washington State Convention Center, SC11 attracted 349 academic research institutions and equipment suppliers to showcase their R&D results and new products in HPC, networking, and storage. There have been nearly 10,000 people to attend the conference during the period of a whole week. The main theme of SC11 was “Connecting Communities through HPC,” interacting and connecting with the world’s HPC experts through HPC technologies. The organizer invited experts and scholars from industry and academia to share the current challenges of HPC and its development status and trends in Europe and China with participants. In addition, the SC11 provided participants with more technical exchange and learning opportunities with 30 education programs and 10 panel discussions.

NCHC Demonstrated Its Latest R&D Achievements at SC11
This year, led by Director Kuo-Ning Chiang, NCHC’s team provided on-demand demonstrations and exchanged technologies with visitors on the latest research results including the real-time interactive HPC using GPU and AR, self-developed free software (DRBL and Clonzilla) and Cloud middleware (Ezilla, Haduzilla, and Crawlzilla). In addition, NCHC displayed its R&D results on material analysis, CO2 sequestration research, drug design, and eco-monitoring technologies by PPT files and DMs. The demonstration attracted many international researchers and representatives of NCHC’s cooperation partners visiting our booth to discuss and exchange related technologies.

GPU computing is an emerging research topic in recent years. The GPU and AR integrated technology demonstrated by NCHC, presenting simulated images of airflow by real-time computing, had attracted attention of many participants, who stopped and listened to demo explanations. In addition, NCHC cooperated with the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart to showcase the real-time airflow simulation with the GPU and AR integrated technology by using an 18-wheel truck in the HLRS’s booth as the object. This demonstration was a big success. Both parties will cooperate again to present the latest R&D achievements in SC12.

the photo of Dr. Matthew Smith and visitor the photo of Ms. Serena Pan and visitors
■ Left: Associate Researcher Dr. Matthew Smith explaining the GPU+AR integrated real-time computing simulation
■ Right: Associate Researcher Serena Pan explaining the applications of Ezilla

During the exhibition, Director Kuo-Ning Chiang represented NCHC visiting booths of several research institutions including NASA, RIKEN Center of Japan, and A*star of Singapore. Dr. Jim Chen, Associate Director of iCAIR of Northwestern University, Dr. Peter Arzberger, Chairman of PRAGMA, the technical team of Fujizu, and Dr. Kahaner, Founding Director of Asia Technology Information Program (ATIP) also came to visit NCHC's booth. Furthermore, NCHC co-implemented the SRS Project (SCinet Research Sandbox Project) with iCAIR, SARA, and CRC, demonstrating cross-domain, OpenFlow-based, automatic network topology discovery mechanism for Future Internet during the SC11 conference.

Taiwanese Team Won the SCC Championship Again
The Taiwanese Team comprised of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), NCHC, Acer, and NVIDIA represented Taiwan in this year’s Student Cluster Competition (SCC) and was crowned world No. 1 again. SCC11 primarily involved cluster construction, cluster performance adjustment, and running scientific applications. All participating teams have to run a set of scientific applications, including molecular dynamics simulation analysis, computational cosmology, computational biology, and ocean circulation. After 46.5 hours of nonstop computing and problem-solving, Taiwanese Team successfully beat other 7 teams to win the competition. This championship fully showed that Taiwan holds a significant place in HPC in the world and has been outstanding in fostering new talent and developing soft power.

the group photo of Taiwanese team
■ The NTHU student team representing Taiwan in SCC11

The SC11 Conference successfully concluded with technical programs and splendid speeches meticulously planned by the conference organizer, demonstrations of the world’s newest R&D results and high-performance products, and technology and experience exchanges among experts and scholars. Next year, the SC12 Conference will be held in Salt Lake City, U.S., and NCHC will once again present the latest research achievements to promote more technology exchange and international cooperation.

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