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Mon, October 22, 2018

NCHC won 1 Gold and 1 Silver Awards in 2011 iENA 2011/11/04

In the 63rd iENA Nuremberg International Trade Fair, NCHC yielded international acclaim for its research achievements. The NCHC won a gold award with the “Remote Camera Synchronization Controlling System” and a silver award with the “Liquid Level Detection Method”. In this exhibition, NCHC fully demonstrated the creativity and abilities of the R&D.

The "Remote Camera Synchronization Controlling System" provides a rapid and convenient method for capturing multiple images by simultaneously controlling remote cameras through the network. Through the automated remote distributed 3D image capture and post-processing, users are able to observe and demonstrate 3D image productions. This system has been implemented in disaster early warning (such as the floods on August 8th, 2009) and has assisted the Water Resources Agency in recording the construction of hydraulic facilities. It also has been expanded to apply to biological education tools such as virtual aquariums.

The "Liquid Level Detection Method" incorporates image recognition technology to monitor images of water levels by calculating the ratio of the actual water level and the captured water level on the images. This invention can be applied to flood protection as well as to circumstances that require the monitoring of liquid levels, such as reservoirs, pumping stations, agriculture, fishing, aquaculture, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry, in order to enhance the accuracy of monitoring.

NCHC's outstanding performance has earned awards from domestic and international competitions. The achievements demonstrate not only the R&D capability of NCHC, but also the effort the NCHC has contributed to the development of high-performance computing technology applied to various industries.

the gold award the silver ward
Left: Golden Medal and Award: "Remote Camera Synchronization Controlling System"
Right: Sliver Medal and Award: "Liquid Level Detection Method"

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