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Mon, October 22, 2018

2011 NCHC HPC User Workshop2011/10/01

In order to promote the applications of high-performance computing research, to share the technical knowledge, and to present the results of the computational research, the NCHC organizes a workshop for HPC users annually. In the workshop, the NCHC invites experts to deliver speeches on the latest R&D trends in HPC. We also invite our key users of computing resources to share their newest R&D results in physics, chemistry, engineering and other fields of research.

This year, the 2011 NCHC HPC Workshop will be held on November 24th. In addition to the invited speeches, NCHC will also introduce the newly deployed supercomputer “Windrider”, the application software service platform, the IaaS service and render farm demonstration of Formosa3, and the topic about how to create a customized cloud environment by free software. Moreover, to help promoting the successes among computing resource users, NCHC simultaneously holds a poster session, providing the participants with an opportunity to observe and to share research results.

Through the HPC User Workshops, the NCHC hopes to promote HPC-related applied researches in the country and upgrade the domestic scientific research.

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