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Tue, October 23, 2018

BigData analysis platform

NCHC provides big data analysis computing facilities for Taiwan's government, academia, and industry.

BigData analysis is the future trends of data processing, and valuable information can be extracted from large amount of data. Combining the NCHC’s solid strength in cluster deployment, cloud computing, and storage technology, we provide domestic researchers a bigdata analysis environment.

Braavos – The first public bigdata platform announced in Taiwan

Braavos is comprised of 36 IBM 3530 M4 nodes, which include name node and data node. Each data node contains two Intel E5-2430 processors and 48 GB memory. The name node contains two Intel E5-2430 processors and 128 GB memory. The configured HDFS capacity is up to 420 TB, which can support various bigdata analysis patterns.

datanode CPU : 16 cores
Memory : 64GB DDR3
CPU : 16 cores
Memory : 128GB DDR3

HPC services contact information

Ms. Lu (03)5776085 #442 * account@nchc.narl.org.tw

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