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Tue, October 23, 2018

| Co-Life Education Platform |

The phylosophy of Co-Life Education Platform is to continuously learn and share with others throughout life-based in the spirit of benefitting oneself and others, thus, creating virtuous interactions and a culture of knowledge that results in a win-win and mutually-beneficial lifestyle.

Based on the Co-Life video conferencing system and integrated its network, computing, and storage resources, the NCHC developed platforms for different education scenarios in hopes of forming an educational resource integration alliance, so as to provide a high quality education, collaboration, and innovation environment for domestic academia.


  • To provide a high quality platform for gathering, exchanging, and passing on knowledge.
  • To create multi-disciplinary co-operational opportunities across time and space.
  • To facilitate the improvement of education, collaboration, and innovation quality.
  • To increase the benefits of cross-organization resource integration, sharing, and value-added applications.


  • Knowledge Hall

The website, “Knowledge Hall,” widely collects contents of popular science lectures of “Meeting the Scientists on Sunday Science Lecture,” “Sharing the Viewpoint and Thoughts of Masters via a Series of Lectures,” and “Outlook Lecture Series,” all sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology and alliance members. Users can view archived and live speeches online using their computers, mobile phones, or tablets, free of charge, thus, immersing themselves in a vast ocean of knowledge void of conventional time and space constraints. In addition to expanding their horizons, this website allows its users' to build correct scientific knowledge that helps them improve their daily lives. For more information, please refer to:

  • Institute of Nanotechnology Education

The purpose of this e-learning platform is to gather results of various research and promotion projects under the “Nanotechnology Human Resource Development Program,” and to provide the results for use by researchers, middle and elementary school teachers, and persons who are interested in nanotechnology. For more information, please refer to: http://nano.narl.org.tw/.

  • Co-Life Online Conference System

This system allows teachers and students to break through time and space limitations by using audio/visual files, electronic whiteboard, instant messaging, and desktop sharing functions for teaching and discussions, as well as speeches and conferences. For more information, please refer to: http://meeting.colife.org.tw/.

  • Group Communication and Sharing Platform

This platform provides a variety of functions, including online discussions and sharing, file storage and sharing, online conferencing, team member notification, and private group discussion. It facilitates information sharing and experience exchange between team members, and can be used for communication, coordination, work assistance, work records, and results organization, thus, serving as an excellent tool for all-team cooperation and communication. For more information, please refer to: http://cs.colife.org.tw/.

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