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Tue, October 23, 2018

| Storage and Backup |

The NCHC establishes a national-level, three-location remote backup mechanism to provide safe storage services.

The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) has highly efficient, high capacity storage equipment in its Hsinchu headquarters, Taichung, and Tainan branches. The storage area network (SAN) structure is used along with TWAREN, a dual-backbone optical fiber network that features uninterrupted data transmission, to provide complete data storage services. The NCHC plans suitable storage solutions for its clients based on their individual requirements.

A national-level, three-location remote backup mechanism is the NCHC’s guarantee of providing safe storage services. Each location provides a safe and stable user environment, so as to backup the users’ precious data. The three locations are linked together via TWAREN, which not only significantly increases the data backup speed, but also enables rapid data recovery.

Storage Capacity
Hsinchu Headquarters
Disk capacity 110TB
Tape capacity 1.2PB

Taichung Branch

Disk capacity 60TB
Tape capacity 200TB
Tainan Branch
Disk capacity 110TB
Tape capacity 150TB

Fees for storage services are charged differently based on the storage medium and data access framework required:

  • High speed parallel file system: Integrated with a high performance computing system into a high speed storage space.
  • Scientific data storage service: High performance and high availability WebDAV and FTP data storage.
  • Magnetic tape backup: Important data is backed up to magnetic tape facilities. Users have the option of storing data using online or offline magnetic tape.
Type of Data Storage Fees (per TB per month)
High speed parallel file system Free operation on the NCHC’s HPC system
Scientific data storage service Multiple remote backup – NT$2,400
Magnetic tape backup Third place offline permanent backup – NT$800

Contact information

Ms. Jennifer Huang 886-3-5776085 ext.418 * ychuang@narlabs.org.tw

Mr. Chin-Cheng Chu 886-3-5776085 ext.218 * a00chu00@narlabs.org.tw

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