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2011/08/25Issue 33¡GNCHC Took Part in the Special Exhibition, ¡§The Changing Earth and Disaster Prevention Technologies,¡¨ at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung

2011/08/10Issue 32¡GWindrider ¡V The NCHC¡¦s newly deployed supercomputer entered the top 100 supercomputer list

2011/07/06Issue 31¡GNCHC Computation Challenge Program ¡V NCCP

2011/06/08Issue 30¡GHPC Kung-fu ¡V NCHC 3D Animation Challenge

2011/05/06Issue 29 ¡GThe Biomechanical Simulation Analysis Platform for Craniotomy Operation

2011/04/06Issue 28¡GACCTA¡¦s 2nd Conference Report

2011/03/01Issue 27¡GMajor breakthrough of the three-dimensional neural image database has been selected as the cover story of the Current Biology

2011/01/28Issue 26¡GNCHC's Crawlzilla won the Professional Group Championship at 2010 Open Source Innovative Application Competition

2010/12/30Issue 25¡GThe Global High-performance Computing Challenge ¡V Taiwanese Team won the SCC Championship

2010/12/13Issue 24¡GThe NCHC Exhibits at SC10

2010/11/08Issue 23¡GDiscover NCHC at SC10

2010/09/30Issue 22¡GReal-time observations of water level changes¡X¡Xa water level identification method

2010/09/13Issue 21¡GReport on the Founding and First Meeting of the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (ACCTA)

2010/08/06Issue 20¡GFrom Supercomputing to Cloud Computing

2010/07/03Issue 19¡GNCHC Establishes a Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications Development Alliance

2010/06/16Issue 18¡GAn Interview with APEC TEL DSG Convener, Dr. Dan Chang

2010/05/11Issue 17¡GUnveiling a New Era of HPC Research - The NCHC¡¦s All New GPU Cluster Computer!

2010/03/31Issue 16¡GCloud Computing Made Simple

2010/03/08Issue 15¡GDr. Kuo-Ning Chiang Appointed New Director of the NCHC

2010/01/27Issue 14¡GThe NCHC 2009 in Review


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The guide map of Hsinchu Headquarters
Hsinchu Headquarters (e-Map) No. 7, R&D 6th Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 30076 TEL: 886-3-5776085¡B0800-351-510  FAX: 886-3-5776082
The guide map of Taichung Branch
Taichung Branch (e-Map) No. 22, Keyuan Rd., Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 40763 TEL: 886-4-2462-0202¡B886-4-2465-0818  FAX: 886-4-2462-7373
The guide map of Tainan Branch
Tainan Branch (e-Map) No. 28, Nan-Ke 3rd Rd., Hsin-Shi Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 74147 TEL: 886-6-5050940  FAX: 886-6-5050945
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