e-Newsletter Issue 48
The NCHC Hosts the 2013 SDN Summit--SDN Waiting for Action!
“HPC Everywhere”--The NCHC Exhibits at SC13
Who Came First? Adam or Eve? Genome Sequencing May Be Able To Give Us The Answer
Big Data Visualization in High Performance Computing
Tunneling--The Unsung Hero behind Cloud Services
Waterhole Attacks--The Latest In Network Attack Technology
The Visualization of Information Security Analysis

Recent developments in networking technologies have brought about an unprecedented technological revolution, which has, in turn, helped to advance the technologies for information analysis as well. In the face of peta-scale data, researchers need a more intuitive model for information processing that will, using diagrams, charts, or other visual images, allow them to understand the distribution and characteristics of data and to find correlations between them. This kind of technique plays a r ...more