e-Newsletter Issue 46
In Support of Taiwan’s Micro Cinema industry, the NCHC Signs an Agreement to Provide Render Farm Services to the Institute For Information Industry
Taiwan's NARLabs Brings Together Domestic Industry, Government and Academia To Star In A Major Digital Cultural Content Creation Showcase!
An Introduction to DNS Reflection Attacks
Flood Prevention, Disaster Reduction, and Big Data Analysis
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Movie Special Effects—Ocean Wave Simulation

Mainstream movies rely heavily on computer-generated imaginary (CGI) and big data technologies to retrieve and store data at very high rates so as to make the special effects seem more realistic on the big screen. Movie special effects such as explosions, fire, ocean waves, as well as the individual hairs on the coats of animated characters go through a process of modeling and simulation including the object's cache data, pasting textures, and rendering. These special effects then goes throug ...more