e-Newsletter Issue 45
Dr. Ryutaro Himeno, Director of RIKEN's Advanced Center for Computing and Communication, Visits the NCHC
The NCHC Showcases the EU Joint Project "Fish4Knowledge" at ISC'13
An Introduction to the Visual Analysis of Big Data
Vehicle Ad-hoc Networks Make Zero-incident/Safe Driving a Reality
The Next Stage In GPU Evolution --Virtualization and Cloudification
Node.js--A New Technology That Applies JavaScript to Servers
Seeing the Virtual World: An Augmented Reality Application

Augmented Reality (AR), first introduced in 1990, is a technique that employs real-time and real-place computing of the positions and angels of video images coupled with image mirroring. The objective of AR is to make virtual and real worlds interact simultaneously and seamlessly on screen. Given the great advances in the computational capacity of electronic devices recently, AR is expected to be used in more and more applications in the very near future [1].

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