e-Newsletter Issue 44
The 6th Conference of the Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications
Taiwan-Korea Bilateral Workshop with KISTI
The NCHC Inspires University Students To Participate In the International SC Student Cluster Competition
The NCHC To Host PRAGMA 26, Spring, 2014
Thailand's NECTEC Visits Taiwan's NCHC for Cooperation on Disaster Management Information
Exploring the Small RNA
New Applications of Micro-electro-mechanical Gas-manometers in Mobile Devices
The NCHC's Genome Sequencing Platform

In 2000, the USD $3 billion genome sequencing project, led by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), completed a working draft of the human genome sequence. This heralded in the era of genome medicine. Based on the support of the human genome extension project and the research needs of translational medicine, the second generation of big data sequencing technologies was developed in 2007. When these technologies reach maturity, even larger amounts of data will be generated but ...more