e-Newsletter Issue 43
¡½2012 Bridging Big Data Infrastructure Workshop - Expediting the Network Science Landscape
¡½Ezilla Used To Build a 1,000-person Classroom On the Cloud
¡½NCHC Exhibits at IEEE MEMS 2013
¡½Beginning a New Era in Cloud Computing ¡VThe NARL Appoints Dr. Ce-Kuen Shieh the NCHC's New Director
¡½Wastewater's Role in Supplying Data Centers Electricity
¡½OpenFlow--The Pioneer of the Future Internet?
The Elevation of Flood Simulation Technologies and the Control of Water Information

Taiwan averages 3.5 typhoons annually and many times that in torrential rains. Typhoons and torrential rains cause the most severe of Taiwan's natural disasters. Torrential rain and adverse natural conditions such as steep riverbeds are the main reasons for flooding. Typhoons occurring between June and October contribute to Taiwan’s annual rainfall the most. When rain is concentrated too densely within certain time or space, it tends to cause flooding on a large scale. Furthermore, due ...more