e-Newsletter Issue 41
The 5th Alliance of Cloud Computing Technologies & Applications Conference
The NCHC Will Be Hosting A Booth at SC12!
An Introduction to the Next Generation Sequencing
The Evolution of the CPU
Is the General Public Ready for Quantum Computing?!
A Brief Introduction to GASPI: Moving Towards the Next Generation of Massive Parallel Computing
The Application of Flow Speed Monitoring Video to Disaster Prevention

Due to its geographical location, Taiwan experiences a wide variety of climates. Especially during the summer season, the lives and assets of Taiwan's residents are often threatened by plum rain (a.k.a. monsoons) and typhoons. For this reason, both Taiwan's central and local governments list disaster prevention as one of their highest priorities. A survey of bridge collapsings showed that flooding caused by heavy rain downpour was one of the major causes of both bridge and embankment collapse ...more