e-Newsletter Issue 40
Taiwan’s First “Render Farm” Enhances the Soft Power of Domestic Cloud Services in Animation
The First Annual "HPC Kung Fu--NCHC 3D Animation Challenge" Comes to a Successful Close!
A Guardian of the Cloud: Project Result Conference of Multilevel Information Security Research Platform
Taiwan’s Uniquely Comfortable Balance of Cloud and HPC
3D Visualization: Entertainment VS. Science
LittleFe— A Portable Platform for Cluster and Parallel Computing Education
An Analysis of Intrusion Detection, Defense, and Graded Warnings
Visualizing Fluid Experiments

In the past, when people looked up into the sky and wondered how the airplanes they saw up there could fly, they would need to perform complex calculations and conduct extremely difficult experiments before they could find some clue as to “the interaction between air and objects” that allows an airplane to stay afloat high in the sky. Due to the sheer mass of an airplane, it would be incredibly costly and nearly impossible for the average person to carry out an experiment with a r ...more