e-Newsletter Issue 39
¡½Clonezilla Accentuates Taiwan¡¦s Software Prowess¡Xthe NCHC and Japan's Miracle Linux Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
¡½NCHC¡¦s Formosa 5 Enters the TOP500 Ranking
¡½NCHC Demonstrates the Interactive-HPC and Key R&D Achievements at ISC¡¦12
¡½Green500¡XThe Ranking of the 500 Most Energy-Efficient Computers in the World
¡½Naked-eye 3D Technologies
¡½Evolving Trends in the Development of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)
¡½Exploring the Secrets of HPL
Disaster Prevention and Rescue. Yes, We Can!

The unique combination of Taiwan’s location, terrain, and geological conditions make it a popular spot frequented by natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, landslides, mudslides, and earthquakes. Such disasters inflict severe damage on the lives and properties of Taiwanese people. The 2005 World Bank report, Natural Disaster Hotspots – A Global Risk Analysis, pointed out that Taiwan, with about 73% of its land and population exposed to three or more natural disasters each yea ...more