e-Newsletter Issue 38
Nine Hours of Fierce Competition at the Taiwan Student Cluster Competition—The NCHC Puts Down Roots To Push Up New Growth for HPC
The 4th ACCTA Conference
Clonezilla Rated by Lifehacker as the Best Disk Cloning App for Linux
The TOP500 Supercomputer List and the HPC Growth in Taiwan
SDN: A Mechanism for the Next-Generation Controllable Network
Computer-Generated Imagery and Movies
Using 3-D Perspective Technologies To See What You Want to See
The World Under the Sea—Video Streaming and Rapid Displaying of Undersea Observations

Advancing technologies have made many Internet-based applications part of our everyday lives. These technologies include cell phones, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet TV, video conferencing, and distance teaching. Networking facilities have been extended from restricted local area networks to ubiquitous wireless networks. In the near future, networking facilities will utilize high-speed optical fiber networks which will provide networking applications with a nurturing environmen ...more