e-Newsletter Issue 37
2011 NCHC High-Performance Computing Conference
SEAIP 2011 and PRAGMA Institute Workshop and Conference Report
The NCHC Participates in the 2012 SEMBA & BioPro International Workshop
LEDs-- Setting the Stage to Light Up a Bright and Colorful New World Of the Future!
Smart Phones Double as Modern Medical Diagnosis Tools
Getting to Know Botnets
The Development of Motion Control
Secret Images

The ability to "transmit" messages effectively is very important to human communication. The three major factors in any successful message transmission are correctness, speed, and security. The importance of confidentiality is extremely high both during time of war as well as when it comes to commercial competitions and intellectual property. For the purpose of security, various codes have been developed in the form of texts, numbers, and images. The movie “The Da Vinci Code&r ...more