e-Newsletter Issue 36
NCHC won 1 Gold and 1 Silver Awards in 2011 iENA
Taiwanese Team Won the Championship in SCC Again
The NCHC Exhibits in SC11
International Scholars Visited NCHC
Eye Tracking Accomplishes Three-Dimensionalization
Single Sign-On Systems, Moving toward International Federation
Formosa 4, the Taiwan’s Largest Cloud Computing System

Formosa, meaning “beautiful island” in Portuguese, is also the synonym for “PC Cluster” in Taiwan’s high performance computing field. Since 2000, NCHC has been actively committed to the construction and researches of computer cluster systems. With technologies developed and experience accumulated from Formosa 1 to Formosa 3, NCHC successfully established Formosa 4, the largest cloud computing cluster in Taiwan and ranked the 234th on the 38th edition of the TOP50 ...more