e-Newsletter Issue 35
¡½NCHC won 1 Gold and 2 Bronze Awards in 2011 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart
¡½The invited speech on ¡§NASA Computing Service and the Direction of Science Informatics¡¨
¡½Report on NCHC¡¦s Participation in TANet2011 Conference
¡½Supercomputer ¡V the greatest prophet in the century?
¡½The Study of PUE and Green Data Centers
¡½2011 Nobel Prize in Physics ¡V Is the Universe Expanding at an Accelerative Rate or Shrinking Rapidly?
Valuing Orangutan, Protecting the Rainforest

Indonesia houses one of the three major tropical rainforests in the world; however, due to the democratization process and the economic development in Indonesia, the rainforest in Indonesia has been severely damaged in the past 10 years as an area almost as large as Taiwan disappears every year, seriously threatening the animals and plants existing in the rainforest. Orangutans, which live in the rainforest, face a survival crisis as well.

In Indonesian, orangutan means “man of ...more