e-Newsletter Issue 55
Report of the Southeast Asia International Joint-Research and Training Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology
NARLabs Cooperates with Horien Global Ltd. to Develop the Sleep Disorder Risk Evaluation Platform
Exploring the Book of Life in 21st Century – Cracking the Networking Map of the Human Brain
Full Human Brain Simulation: The Future Challenge of Exascale Supercomputers
The Anton2 Processor—An Edged Tool for Protein Simulation
Combining Cloud Computing and Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the digital display of construction facilities such as building structure, bridges, and roads, as well as their display content such as their geometrical characteristics and the functional features of their structural components. BIM is used to support construction strategies and data management in the construction procedures, including space planning of buildings, cost estimation, materials distribution and management, as well as equipment mainte ...more