e-Newsletter Issue 53
National Taiwan University of Art・s :Red Spot; Named the Winner of the NCHC 3D Animation Challenge
The NCHC to Showcase Its Latest R&D Achievements at SC14!
The Flexible Battery-- Great Progress in Small Things!
When the Internet of Things Meets Wearable Devices
OpenStack- At the Forefront of the Rapid Rise of the Cloud Platform
HoneyMap V Cyber-Attack Map

Using honeypots [1] deployed in cooperation with numerous other domestic academic and research institutes, the National Center for High-performance Computing's (NCHC) Security Operation Center (SOC) can detect cyber threats from around the world in near real-time. Utilizing big data processing techniques, the SOC can analyze the attributes of a cyber-attack, determine the origin of the threat, and send an information security warning about those high risk attackers. However, due to the comple ...more