e-Newsletter Issue 56
Two teams from National Tsing Hua University Win the 2015 Taiwan Student Cluster Competition
The NCHC’s simPlatform Makes Its International Debut at ISC2015!
An Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems
A New Era In Robots Is Coming!
Constructing a Network in the Sky Using Balloons!
From Scientific Simulation to Movie Special Effects
The Relationship Between Breathing and Hydrodynamics

Many people must have been snorkeling, which involves using a snorkel to breathe while diving in the ocean and enjoying the underwater scenery. One might want to dive deeper in order to be able to see ever more beautiful underwater landscapes. So why not just lengthen the length of the snorkel to enable the snorkeler to dive even deeper? To answer this question, one must understand the relationship between breathing and hydrodynamics. Basically, the reason this can’t be done is because ...more