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Tue, October 23, 2018

International Cooperative Alliances2014/11/18

Our center aggressively seeks out international cooperative alliances. We initiate collaborative research efforts with many countries worldwide. We regularly invite international scholars to the NCHC to conduct symposiums, conferences, and workshops. Through various international collaborative plans, we intend to accelerate Taiwan's technical and research standards in tandem with that of the rest of the world.

Collaborative Events Content
The Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) is a National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored Pacific regional network organization under the supervision of the San Diego Super Computing Center (SDSC). The NCHC is a charter member of PRAGMA. Since PRAGMA's creation in March 2002, the NCHC has chaired several of its application development meetings. The NCHC also acts as the Asian pacific region's primary connection point with the USA's TeraGrid. PRAGMA's goal is to "promote collaborative research throughout the Pacific Rim and establish a foundation for collaborative efforts."

The NCHC is a member of both the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) and Asian Pacific Grid (ApGrid) consortiums. APAN and ApGrid are key players in the growth of the Grid and Grid-related application development in the Asian Pacific region.

APAN is a non-profit international consortium designed to be a high-performance network for R&D on advanced next-generation applications and services. APAN provides an advanced networking environment for the Asia-Pacific region’s research and education community and promotes global collaboration.

ApGrid is a partnership for Grid computing in the Asia Pacific region. ApGrid is an open community encouraging collaboration. As of the end of May 2004, 49 organizations from 14 countries were participating in ApGrid. ApGrid has become the primary network in the Asian Pacific region that applications are deployed over.
HPC Asia is one of the most influential HPC development-based conferences in the Asian Pacific Region. Held once every 18 months, our center is a charter member of HPC Asia and hosted its very first meeting. HPC Asia's goal is to provide a forum for HPC researchers, developers, and users to exchange ideas, case studies, and research results related to all HPC issues.

SC Conference
The annual SC exhibition is the largest and most important supercomputing-related conferences of its kind. The NSF uses the SC conference to evaluate the research results of various national laboratories under its sponsorship. The NCHC has participated in the SC conference since 1998 using it as a platform for international collaboration. The SC exhibition has allowed us to gauge the trends in supercomputing and also to participate in collaborative supercomputing efforts and competitions.

The Global Grid Form (GGF) is a standards development conference hosted by Argonne National Laboratory. The NCHC is an active participant in its standards task force.

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