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*  The focus of this project is on exploring the following topics numerically:

(1) the mechanics of common diseases involved in the human respiratory and circulatory systems (e.g. cerebral aneurysms and obstructive apnea syndrome)

(2) the development of a virtual surgery platform for the treatment of cranioplasty and obstructive apnea syndrome

(3) the design of medical instruments such as the ventricular assist device (VAD), artery stents, respiratory assist devices, and dental implants. The results of these studies will be useful in the advancement of medical treatment and improve the quality of life for medical patients.

Our research on the circulatory and respiratory systems focuses primarily on the flow analysis of a cerebral aneurysm and on obstructive apnea syndrome. We try to predict the growth of the fluid and structure of cerebral aneurysms using numerical coupling and the optimization method. With this information, we are able to predict which regions are most likely to rupture during surgery so that the physician can avoid those areas. The results of our studies can be verified through animal studies. We are also investigating the flow field characteristics inside cerebral aneurysms, with and without rupture points, where coil embolization treatment is also performed.

Our research in obstructive apnea syndrome tries to find the relationship between the air pressure drop and the stenosed ratio of the trachea’s air flow field. These results are correlated with the apnea hypopnea index (AHI) and the body mass index (BMI) to assert the seriousness of the obstructive apnea. This research is extended to respiratory acoustics in order to discover the relationship between the respiratory frequency and the stenosed ratio of the trachea.

The development of our virtual surgical treatment platform is useful in pre-surgery planning. This platform is based on medical image processing. We have completed the cranioplasty surgery platform and have transferred it to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for use in their Department of Surgical Neurophysiology. Also under development is a platform for obstructive apnea syndrome. It is established using medical image processing of the geometry of the respiratory trachea, airflow field analysis and post processing, the patient’s respiratory frequency database, and the stenosed ratio of the trachea (a.k.a. AHI). This platform provides physicians an effective tool for asserting the seriousness of obstructive apnea such that early treatment can take place.

Regarding the design of medical instruments, we continue our efforts to develop ventricular assist devices (VAD) and artery stents. We are actively seeking collaborative partners in this research. Also, we are currently working with the School of Dentistry at China Medical University (CMUD) and Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) on the development of dental implants.
The NCHC’s Medical Computing Research team is made up of experts from multidisciplinary areas including solid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), medical engineering, image processing, and scientific visualization. This team has several long-term collaborative relationships with local area hospitals including the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. 

*  Contact Information:

     Mr. Lung Cheng Lee    (03) 5776085 # 340    *  lclee@nchc.org.tw

*  More Information:

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*  Numerical Studies on Obstructive Apnea Syndrome Due to a Narrowed Airway
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