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Web-based Virtual TV Controller System
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*  Web-based Virtual TV Controller System

Researchers at the NCHC have invented a Web-based TV Controller System that utilizes a live broadband network to control, adjust, and display network TV feeds. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller allows its user to watch network TV over the internet and control the application’s functions via a web-based interface. This Web-based Virtual TV Controller also features an account management database. The user is able to control the TV program, view different TV channels, modify the code, and adjust the video bandwidth all using the web-based interface.

After the user logs into the Web-based Virtual TV Controller (Fig. 1), he can choose which channel to view and the bandwidth at which to view it. If the available bandwidth is high enough, the user can view multiple programming simultaneously simply by opening additional programming in a new window. The management website contains the tools for choosing which channels to watch. It allows the user the ability to quickly browse and preview the individual channels using the management interface, control the channel selection, choose the bandwidth, choose the necessary explorer plug-ins, and display the user’s account info. Of course, the system also includes all the basic playback tools such as Play, Stop, Pause, Mute, and Close.

圖一 虛擬網路電視遙控器作業畫面與弁鄎鶬銦C

▲ Fig. 1. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller and the tool button

*  Features:

  1. Our Web-based Virtual TV Controller system includes a total of two operational modes and four stages. The first operation mode is the distributed TV Grid mode. In this mode, the first computer is linked to an additional computer, and, therefore, is expanded to achieve distributed processing. This feature is suitable when multiple users need to use the system simultaneously.
  2. The second operation mode is Virtual TV mode. This mode is best suited for use by a single user or a small family. This mode is suitable when there are not many users (i.e. <4) and the bandwidth and/or computing resource requirements are low. In this case, all four users are able to connect to and utilize the same PC to watch TV. When there are more than 4 users, the users can utilize the system by networking together 4 PCs. The 4 PCs can even be located at different physical locations.
  3. Since the Virtual TV Controller system is web-based, it can be used absolutely anywhere a broadband network connection can be found.
  4. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller system includes all cable TV channels also. In fact, the system is able to accommodate an infinite number of channels and is completely expandable as such.
  5. User account setup and management are included.
  6. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller has the same operational features as a real TV remote control.
  7. Supports multiple users.
  8. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller’s bandwidth consumption is easily adjustable according to the user’s/users’ needs.
  9. The Web-based Virtual TV Controller is simple to operate, just like a real TV remote control!

Latest Update: 2014/12/17
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