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With Taiwan's most bountiful HPC resources and advanced research network under our control, we continuously try to find dynamic ways of utilizing these resources to better all of mankind. Our new slogan, "Better HPC Better Living," conveys a concern for people, our lives, and our world. By integrating NCHC's various research technologies, we hope to add value to our livelihood. Technology can now have greater dialogue with our daily lives, thus promoting new scientific discoveries and innovation.

From its inception in 1991, the NCHC's goal has continuously been to become a HPC center of international caliber. In 2003 we officially transitioned into a non-profit organization under Taiwan's National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL). We play a leading role in Taiwan's HPC, storage, networking, and platform integration future. In order to provide more complete and professional HPC-related services to all of Taiwan, we have established three business units. They are located in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan, Taiwan. Our mission is service, research, and education. In order to guarantee the quality of our services to our clients, we obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management certification and the ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management certification.

Being in a research leadership position, we undertook the Taiwanese government's "Challenge 2008 National Development Plan." Under this plan, we oversaw the building of the TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN) and promoted Taiwan's Knowledge Innovation National Grid (KING) project. The two projects made Taiwan a focal point of knowledge exchange in the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, the NCHC successfully formed alliances overseas, thus, creating a new world where resources are shared.

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The NCHC is the only national laboratory to provide integrated HPC, networking, and storage services.

  • HPC Raises Research Efficiency: The NCHC plans advanced HPC services for domestic researchers in order to raise the efficiency of their research.
  • High Bandwidth Network Integrates Disparate Resources: We established Taiwan's advanced academic researach network to integrate computing and storage resources and developed advanced networking technology to be on par with that of Europe and Americas. We also further integrated the domestic research network TWAREN and TANet so that Taiwan can more closely interact with our international community.
  • Highly Redundant Storage for Data Safety: We established three backup sites to reduce data transmission distance and lag time, ensure the safety of precious data, and also for timely data recoverery in case of disaster.

We take advantage of our speciality in cross-discipline research to integrate information, engineering, and general sciences.

  • HPC Simulation Services: We provide large-scale engineering and scientific simulation services. We also provide simulation design and professional consultation.
  • Science Visualization Services: We provide visualization for large numeric information projects, customized visualization application technology, and consultation.
  • Integrated Platform Development: We develop middleware, open source software, and information platforms. We also provide technical consulting services to reduce developmental costs.
  • Project Application Services: We provide services related to applications such as biological
    information, medicare, ecology, disaster mitigation, and eLearning. We also integrate our center's resources to provide customized consulting services. 
  • Education Training Services: We provide professional training courses including face-to face-classes, distance learning, training for corporations, and training in collaboration with local schools.



Latest Update: 2014/12/17
The guide map of HPC Business Unit
Hsinchu Headquarters (e-Map) No. 7, R&D 6th Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 30076 TEL: 886-3-5776085ĦB0800-351-510  FAX: 886-3-5776082
The guide map of Taichung Branch
Taichung Branch (e-Map) No. 22, Keyuan Rd., Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 40763 TEL: 886-4-2462-0202ĦB886-4-2465-0818  FAX: 886-4-2462-7373
The guide map of Tainan Branch
Tainan Branch (e-Map) No. 28, Nan-Ke 3rd Rd., Hsin-Shi Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 74147 TEL: 886-6-5050940  FAX: 886-6-5050945
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